What would abortion law now look like if Hillary Clinton had won?

“It might have been” are not always the saddest words. Sometimes, they’re the most horrifying.

Hillary Clinton in September will come out with a new book called “What Happened,” about her loss to Donald Trump. That got me thinking: What would have happened had she won?

For instance, what if Clinton became president, Chuck Schumer assumed leadership of the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi once again wielded a gavel in the House of Representatives?

Sooner than you can say “political payback to Planned Parenthood,” the United States would have had taxpayer-funded abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy.

Don’t believe me? I offer as evidence Exhibit A – the state of Oregon.

Oregon right now is not just blue, it’s midnight blue verging on total darkness. Democrats control both houses of the state legislature and the state’s executive branch. And they have just enacted the most radical, inhumane abortion law in the history of the U.S.

The new law, which Democratic Governor Kate Brown has gleefully pledged to implement, forces nearly all insurance plans in the state to include no-cost coverage for any and all abortions. Only houses of worship would be exempt from this abortion mandate – a provision that bears some similarities to the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, against which Priests for Life and others have prevailed in court. Faith-based hospitals, schools, and other charities are probably preparing lawsuits as you read this, if they haven’t already.

But Oregon’s law doesn’t stop at free abortions for the insured. For women with no health insurance, Oregon has set aside millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for their abortions at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason, no questions asked.

Apparently, for the radicals that lead Oregon’s Democratic Party, it was not enough that, prior to this legislation, their state was already the Wild West of abortions. There were no restrictions on the practice, not even rules found in most states such as…

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