What Words Will People Believe in

A father and his son went hurriedly to reach a small town so that they could live in hotels instead of in the wild. They came across a street vendor, and the vendor said: “Do you decide to go to the Spring Town? Do not choose this route, for the middle of the road is swamp.” The father nodded head with smile and asked his son to go on walking. The son was panic to seize his father: “It is swamp in the front, why do we still need to go along this road?” The father answered: “Look at this road carefully. There was no grass on the road while the grasses occupy the rest space. It shows that there are many people go along this road. No matter what way you choose, you should not believe others’ words easily.”

After a short period of walking, they met a doctor who shouted to them: “Do not move on any more. It is swamp in the front.” The father also nodded head with smile and asked his son to go on walking. However, they became more cautious. “Do you believe in the doctor’s words?” The son asked. “Although some people say the same words to you, you should not believe in but be aware of that. It is not a bad thing to improve awareness no matter what is waiting for you in the front.”

They still walked ahead. A body riding the cow yelled to them: “Go back! Go back! It is swamp in the front.” The father grabbed the son to go back. “Why do you believe in the child’s words?” “Every child in the world tells truth.” But this time, the son doubted. The father hesitated for a while and searched for a long stick to go on with his son.

It was really swamp in the front. Father staggered, but the long stick had been inserted into the mud. It looked silent, with the signs of road. But they could also see a few scattered bones around there. The sun was shocked. The father patted this son’s shoulders and sighed: “The foot under our feet is stepped by those unfortunate people.”

Then, they walked back to the original cross roads. The…

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