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“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.” 
-Pico Iyer 

Exploring Washington state’s regal Mount Rainier — Photo courtesy of Evergreen Escapes

At a time when nationalism, hate and intolerance seem to pervade headlines, Jake Haupert and Michael Bennett have never believed more in the transformative power of travel.

As two of the cofounders of the Transformational Travel Collaborative (TTC), they aim to bring to the mainstream a mindful approach when it comes to the ways in which we move around the globe and interact with others. They view travel as a catalyst for personal change that ultimately benefits everyone.

In summary, TTC wants to teach travelers “how to translate the cool stuff experienced and the lessons learned, back to real life,” so that folks can become “better global citizens” who remain tuned into nature, their environment, their immediate community and the world at large.

Bennett explains the aim is “coming home transformed, acting and living differently than before.” Perhaps most importantly, the organization adamantly believes in a positive, trickle-down effect that can impact the traveler’s entire network, potentially touching even those unable to leave hometown soil.

TTC cofounders Michael Bennett and Jake Haupert — Photo courtesy of Evergreen Escapes

We recently sat down with these two curious adventurers – in between enviable continental leaps – quickly learning that their passion is palpable, their enthusiasm electric. As the duo respectfully engages in dialogue and animatedly picks up where the other drops off, Bennett confirms that the collaboration has been “organic and fluid” since its official launch last fall.

While most find travel to be transformative by nature, this group’s unique concept seems to be just recently gaining momentum. Haupert addresses the over-connected world in…

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