What to Ask Your Provider of Mobile Application Development in Australia?

As Internet access moves more toward smart phones and tablets, the need for mobile application development in Australia so you can improve user experience of people logging on to your website beyond the confines of the desktop PC. With so many companies out there, you have to set standards as you shortlist the number of potential partners to three. Here are just some of the questions that may help in your decision.

Who owns the rights?

Some providers of mobile application development in Australia may insist on keeping the intellection property (IP) rights to the code or software and some providers will immediately turn these over to the client once the project is delivered. So which is the better option? Although you might immediately claim that proprietary rights should be yours, this could be a moment of weakness for the service provider. There are too many horror stories where the IP rights is turned over to the client who only grab the empty bag later when he finds out that the software has glitches and bugs.  In a related note, also ask the developer on who has control over the version upgrades of your software and how often should you upgrade.

What’s the testing process?

Different smart phones use different operating system and browsers. iPhone uses iOS, Google phone uses Android, etch. Each operating system and browser has a different set of characteristics which can change the integrity of your website when opened from those platforms. So it’s important that you know the testing process involved in your Google or iPhone application development in Australia so user experience won’t be compromise across different platforms. Using the wrong fonts, for example, will render your website unreadable on some browsers or phones. Using flash animation throughout your webpages will make it difficult for mobile users to access your website. These are the small things that contribute to frustration and finally, resignation that will drive your customers to…

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