Web-Based Business Development And The Use of CRM in The Process

If you do not have a CRM system yet and you have a business with a website for online purchases then it is time to get the proper software to aid your work. Selling is not just about making the purchase and delivering it to the client. A successful strategy includes several steps that come after that.


If you have managed to get information about the customers during your interaction with them then it is time to put the CRM system into use. The information you have must be used to make a complete database, graphics, and specific processes related to your customers table. The type of software can be written specifically for your company based on specific features of your business or you can use ready-made, more comprehensive, free or commercial software solutions.


An example of good Customer Relationship Management will be if the next day after the delivery, your employees call the customer and ask him/her if he/she has received the product, if everything is all right, is it what he/she was expecting, is there anything in the service that can be improved and how would he/she evaluate the company’s attitude, navigation and site design, delivery time, etc. on a scale of 1 to 10.


Naturally, all the customer responses should be implemented in your CRM software for you to have and after a while, based on the answers of all your customers to generate statistics that will show you exactly what needs improvement, what your strengths are and which offer / product / service you should set in your next marketing campaign.


After a month make contact with the client again and ask if he/she would like to subscribe to your new electronic magazine for your site, published monthly and sent free by e-mail and in return you can offer him/her a 10% discount on the next purchase , free delivery or a small gift (e.g. a box for business cards with the logo and web address of your company), which will be sent with his/her next purchase.


If your proposal is good the…

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