Washington learning to ignore Trump

FOX News Halftime Report
July 31, 2017
By Chris Stirewalt 

On the roster: Trump learns a lesson from The Mooch – Trump threatens to use his pen to slash coverage – All is well! Trump insists ‘no chaos’ at White House – Putin pushes back on sanctions before Trump signs – Everything must go!

One of the main questions of the still-young Trump presidency has been whether it would be Donald Trump who adjusted to Washington, or Washington that adjusted to Trump.

We may have gotten something of an answer on that today with the ouster of the mercurialAnthony Scaramucci as communications director, just 10-days after he kicked in the door at the White House. 

After a big dose of “let Trump be Trump”-ism with the investiture of Scaramucci and his continued presence after an ignominious interview, we suddenly see Trump tacking away from the storm and toward the calmer waters of convention. 

We know that these propositions are never really either/or. All successful presidencies change the way politics work in the nation’s capital, but every chief executive who succeeds learns the ways of the swamp.

When Bill Clinton came to town in 1993, he was hopeless. He and his Arkansas-dominated team stumbled and bumbled their way through the first year. 

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