This color-coded travel adapter works in over 150 countries and makes figuring out what plug to use easy



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The last and arguably most important thing I do before I
leave for a vacation is pack the chargers for my devices I’m
bringing with me.

In 2017, our tablets and smartphones are extensions of ourselves,
so not having them charged and ready to help navigate a new
city, message your Airbnb host, or take Instagrams puts you at a

You can pack any wall plug and USB cable when traveling within
your own country, but traveling internationally poses a
challenge. You want to find an adapter that matches your
destination’s outlets and doesn’t blow a fuse — and the ones sold
at the airport aren’t always the best bang for your buck. In
fact, they’re usually overpriced.

Compatible with over 150 countries’ outlets and just $25, Flight
001’s 4-in-1 travel adapter may well be the only one you’ll ever

The charger comprises three smaller chargers you can break apart
and snap back together. It comes with a color-coded adapter
map that tells you which charger works in which countries.
For example, red can be used in England, green works in countries
like Italy and France, and blue is your standard US plug. If
you need to power up in Argentina, Australia, or China, simply
turn the prongs on the blue charger. Flight 001 separately sells
two chargers that work in India, South Africa, and the Middle

The smaller chargers form a 2.5-inch block when snapped together,
so you can throw the whole thing in your carry-on without bulking
up your bag.

I used this adapter when I recently traveled to four countries —
Spain, France, Italy, and the UK — and it made charging my

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