These are some of the cool new technologies Absa is working on

Barclays Africa – which trades as Absa in South Africa – recently announced that it plans to collaborate with nine financial technology (fintech) companies to explore new technology-based services that could prompt significant improvements for consumers.

The fintech companies are among ten businesses that participated in the 2017 Barclays Accelerator in collaboration with Techstars.

“The solutions created by these companies are among the top innovations in the fintech space in the world right now,” said Yasaman Hadjibashi, chief creation officer at Barclays Africa Group.

“Any of these solutions could have the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the financial services sector in Africa,” said Hadjibashi.

She broke down some of the newest and most exciting technologies these fintechs are working on, as well as new technology being developed by the bank itself.

Fintech developments

According to Hadjibashi , the banking group is exploring the potential services and products developed by a range of companies, including the following:

Company What they’re working on Abe AI is an AI platform that eliminates friction within customer interactions, helping banks provide superior customer service at scale while reducing operational costs.
Howler Howler is the tech platform that event organisers use to optimise the planning, promotion, management and control of their events, and to create fault-free, frictionless, seamless guest experiences and ‘moments that matter’.
Spatialedge Spatialedge – Proprietary technology, as well as wholly-owned spatial and consumer datasets are used to drive precision targeted engagements with existing, and prospective clients, growing both the customer base and customer lifetime value by enabling critical customer acquisition and retention activities to become data driven.
Sun Exchange Sun Exchange enables anyone in the world own and lease solar panels to power African businesses and…

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