The top 10 worst PC viruses of all time

If you have ever had a computer virus then you will know how awful they can be. Computer viruses are designed to cripple you in many different ways. They can completely wipe out hard drives, create annoying pop up messages and steal passwords.

Viruses have been around for decades and they are created sometimes as a prank but other times to create destruction. Back in the 80s computer viruses were spread by humans the virus was stored on a disk and distributed by humans. When the internet became popular the spread of computer viruses became a real problem.

The Top 10 Computer Viruses

The Melissa Virus was created in 1999 and was based on a Microsoft Word macro. It spread through an email message attachment. When the attachment was clicked the virus replicated and went out to the top 50 people in your contact book. This meant the virus spread very quickly. It caused problems in the US…

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