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In the May Animal Matters article, I talked about why we need to be a role model for our youth. I’ll continue that theme in this column.

You have probably heard of the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Of course, there are many variations of this rule that refer to not judging others, walking in someone else’s shoes, not treating others in ways that you would find hurtful, “there, by the grace of God go I,” and so on. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on people to donate time and money to support the program. Animal rescues also rely on individuals to give of themselves for the greater good/cause of helping the animals. No doubt, individuals who support us are treating others as they want to be treated. Thank you to those who donate time and/or money to support the animals.

REASON works with people from all over the county who call asking for assistance with spaying/neutering, finding homes for puppies/kittens, or asking for help with food for their animals, just to name a few things. If judgements were placed on every person who sought assistance from us or any of the rescues, versus lending a helping hand, where do you think our community would be? Do you think we would have seen a 41 percent decrease in the kill rate of dogs and cats over the past four years? Such progress is made because some of you believe in helping people and some in helping animals. Ultimately, everyone wins.

The Golden Rule probably strikes a chord if you yourself have ever experienced being treated with empathy. When we experience something, we relate to it and tend to be more sensitive to that circumstance. So, if people around us treat others with respect, especially as we are growing up, we are more likely to treat people with respect. What are you teaching those around you? Of course, for anyone in…

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