The Best Way to Clean Electronic Devices

Who said electronics can’t be cleaned with simple things we have at home? You don’t have to put up with the dirty looking monitor of your TV or lap top any more, just because you haven’t bought a commercial cleaner, specially designed for that matter. Just read below and find out the best way to clean electronics.

I would never have though, modern gadgets can be maintained spotless with simple household products? Sounds pretty strange, but it’s true.

In order to start with the cleaning of electronic devices, using just items you already have in your home, start by preparing your own cleaning solution. To do that, you will be needing distilled water and white vinegar.

For a relative clean surface, only distilled water will be enough to do the job. In case a more heavy cleaning is needed, you must mix equal parts distilled water and white vinegar.

Pouring your home made cleaning solution in a spray bottle will make cleaning your gadgets even easier. The first and most important rule, you must be aware of, is never to spray directly on LCD screens, as that will probably cause damages and make them unusable. The second thing you need to know, is not to use any type of abrasive cleaners, or products with alcohol or ammonia in their content.

The only other thing you need, except your home made cleaning solution, is an extra soft cloth to wipe the LCD or touch screen with. Those made from microfibre, are perfect for the job. However, if you don’t have such in handy, you can use a cotton one instead, even an old T-shirt will be soft enough, if made from cotton.

Take the cleaning solution, you’ve just prepared and apply just few drops of it on the cloth. Be careful, not to soak it too much, as it may drip and damage your screen. Expert cleaners Bethnal Green remind you to be extra gentle and be careful not to apply extra pressure with your fingers, while cleaning. Wipe in a circle, with quick movements, to prevent streaks.

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