The Beauty Chef

Carla Oates, author of The Beauty Chef and founder of the Australian beauty and wellness brand of the same name, first began healing with food as a teenager in an effort to combat eczema and allergies.

When, years later, her own daughter began experiencing skin issues, Oates once again turned to food. “After investigating various studies that looked at what we eat and how food affects the gut and the connection between gut health and skin health, I put my family on a gut-healing protocol.”

The Beauty Chef is a cookbook that caters to an array of diets. “There is not a one-size-fits-all diet solution for everyone, but irrespective of whether you eat a vegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, or any other kind of diet, I have found that unprocessed, organic, free-range, low GI and low HI (human intervention), sustainable foods are best for our bodies, the food chain, the animals and the environment.” In her cookbook, Oates discusses the common causes of gut health issues and explains which nutrients are essential to better health, why they are and where to find them.

Unlike many “clean eating” books, The Beauty Chef seems to include a diversity of recipes (accompanied by gorgeous photographs) that make this seemingly arcane and burdensome way of life much more doable and unrestrictive. With a diversity of recipes — chicken liver mousse; molten chocolate pudding; mushroom, pea, and mint spaghetti — Oates presents a healthier way of eating in a deliciously achievable and sustainable manner.

Other recipes in her book include:

Get Glowing Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Sweet and Sour Fermented Vegetables

Kale Bowl With Quinoa, Fermented Vegetables, Wakame, and Avocado

Southern-Style Baked Chicken Pieces

Fig, Pomegranate, Radicchio, Orange, and Feta Salad

Ginger and Turmeric Beer

Ginger and Turmeric Bug

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