Sustainability in the media sector – research results among EMM employees and families


Despite having offices in many countries, we are not a massive corporation or conglomerate. But this doesn’t mean though we’re not engaged in environmental issues. EMM decided it would be good to differentiate sustainability on a corporate and a smaller company level. 


Corporate sustainability


Whilst it is evidently easier to be conscious of the environment at work and to be less wasteful, however, it is more complex on a commercial basis & a more professional approach is needed to measure benefits and have parameters put in place.


Advertisers in the media sector can play a very important, educational role in shaping public opinion and potentially creating the more sustainable world of tomorrow. More and more companies in this sector are using their power to influence consumers (Time Warner, Guardian Media Group). However it is very difficult to measure the size of this impact as it’s rather intangible in the short term at least, without proper analysis. Despite this, raising awareness remains an ultimate advantage for media companies. The debate on new possibilities and solutions should therefore be continued. 


The term “media companies” could be seen not only to tie in with advertisers but also consultancies such as EMM International, where the idea of influence is key to the advisory side of the business. EMM tries to influence advertisers to be more sustainable and to incorporate this into their reward schemes as an incentive. The idea behind this being to make employees think and act more like owners and to change their behaviour, i.e. become less wasteful & channel resources better in improving accountability and thus performance and profitability. There is therefore a link in the employees mind between audit/accountability and reward. 


EMM’s approach


Companies use sustainability mostly as a PR tool.  Whilst it’s popular among bigger companies, smaller ones may tend to do it for their own use rather than for…

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