Soft ice cream machine disinfection cleaning

The use of ice machine ice cream making method is very simple, as long as the ice cream machine on machine nameplate marked rated voltage current power, ice cream machine can be used. The purchase of new ice cream machine should first to cleaning work, cleaning and disinfection of the purpose is to ensure that the produced ice cream meet hygiene requirements. So the cleaning and disinfection is necessary and essential.

Ice cream machine cleaning divided into two parts.


Frozen stir cylinder mixing cleaning

Will be fixed in front of the machine body of the distribution of four nuts, remove the distributing valve body, removed the stirring shaft of the freezing cylinder, using 1: 50 84% disinfectant immerse 10-15 minutes, and use with disinfectant wipes clean freeze cylinder again, the stirring axle and distribution valve reassembling, ice cream machine structure and the parts of the ice cream machine instructions please refer to the structure.


Material storage tank cleaning

Ice cream machine after the power is switched on will be filled with disinfection liquid and food washing liquid water into ice cream machine, using a cloth wipe storage groove around clean, press the ice cream machine operation panel on the marked word key cleaning. Machine mixing system startup, about 1 minutes, the machine of disinfection liquid or washing liquid to pick out, repeatedly into clean water to wash, until the connection with the water without any smell, stop (by pressing the stop key). With a dry cloth to ice cream machine storage cylinder around can be wiped with ice cream machine disinfection cleaning is done, then can make ice cream production.

The first part of the cleaning work is about 3 days once. The second part every day required.


Matters needing attention

Some ice cream machine with a cooling function, this function is to keep the material storage cylinder temperature in 5-10degrees, on fresh-keeping effect. In the process of using some businesses will claim…

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