Sleepion 2 uses aromatherapy, soothing light and ambient sounds to promote deeper sleep

Cheero USA announced the Sleepion 2, an innovative sleep aid system that uses aromatherapy, soothing light and ambient sounds clinically proven to promote deeper sleep. Years of sleep research paved the way for development of this sleek three-in-one sleeping device that calms the mind, body and spirit.

There are two types of sleep, REM sleep and non-REM sleep. Deep non-REM sleep is essential for brain maintenance, physical health and emotional well-being. The Sleepion 2 was created to rest the brain enough, at a quicker rate, to reach a deeper level of non-REM sleep.

“We created the Sleepion 2 to help people sleep better at night, and to improve their calm and focus during the day,” said Ryo Higashi, CEO of Cheero. “We collaborated with renown sleep researcher Dr. Kagiya to design the Sleepion 2 for both daytime and nighttime use cases.”

One of Japan’s leading sleep researchers, Dr. Shimizu Kagiya, has been studying improvements to sleep disorders for over 30 years. His deep insights into sensitizations that promote and prevent sleep were instrumental in the creation of Sleepion 2. According to Dr. Kagiya, three key influencers of sleep cycles are aroma, light and sound. The Sleepion 2 specifically addresses all three.


Aromatherapy is an essential function of the Sleepion 2 because it calms our senses and promotes an optimal sleep environment.

“We collaborated with fragrance professionals to develop our unique aroma rings exclusively for the Sleepion 2,” said Higashi. “They are all made of 100% natural ingredients.”

Available in a variety of natural scents, the aroma rings are placed on top of the device and activated by the vibration of the speaker. This is an improvement over the original Sleepion model because it allows for convenient portability so you can take your Sleepion to work and back home.


Characteristics of light include color temperature and luminance. According to Dr. Kagiya, optimal levels for sleep are…

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