Say Goodbye To Email Spam With These Simple Tips

The moment you log in to your mail id, you find oodles of mails dropped into your inbox. But, the annoying thing is that a majority of these mails are not really the ones you are looking for. A bulk of these mails contains spam and just one click on any of the junk mail is all it takes to get you into trouble. Your system gets attacked by all sorts of virus and spyware.

So, before we go any further, let us discuss in brief about spam. In computer terms, what is a spam? It is the process of loading the Internet with multiple copies of the same message in order to divert the attention of people and make them read it who otherwise wouldn’t have preferred to go through it. The majority of the spam is generated for advertisement and marketing purposes.
Spam can be classified into two categories. They are briefly described as follows.

Cancellable Usenet spam – It is the process of sending a…

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