Sarasota County School Board Dramatically Saves Payroll Processing Time Using NOVAtime Workforce Management / Time & Attendance Solution

NOVAtime has taken a job that used to take several people, several days, and now one person can do it in 10 minutes!

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. (, a leading provider of Workforce Management / Time & Attendance solutions, is pleased to announce that the Sarasota County School Board is preparing to move their NOVAtime system from the testing phase of 100 employees to full implementation for over 900 custodial and food service employees.

The Sarasota County School Board was looking for a better way to manage their timekeeping and payroll. With their custom designed payroll system, EDS, employee time had to be entered manually from hand written timesheets, a process that was prone to error, and was extremely time consuming. Processing payroll would take multiple days and require multiple people on staff working full time to complete the process in time.

Furthermore, the process was error and abuse prone, with time entries either being miswritten or incorrectly written by employees, with no method for verification of their written time entry. This caused labor costs to run up for the district, adding to large amount of man hours needed to perform payroll.

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. was able to solve both of these problems with the NOVAtime Workforce Management / Time and Attendance solution. NOVAtime registers time entries electronically, removing the possibility for employees to make a mistake or intentional error on their timesheets. Furthermore, because NOVAtime operates in real-time, supervisors are able to monitor their employees through the supervisor dashboard. Jim Woodson, Facilities Manager, highlighted the benefits of this system, “The Supervisor dashboard helps supervisors keep track of late employees and…

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