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Samsung’s feature-packed arrived in stores earlier this year and has already been crowned one of the best smartphones of 2017.

With a super-fast processor, stunning Infinity display and improved cameras it’s no wonder this device has proven so popular.

However, when Samsung launched their .

During the run-up to its grand unveiling,  made a big deal of its Bixby personal assistant.

Like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Bixby has been created to help Galaxy S8 owners use the phone via the power of their voice.

Samsung even included a unique Bixby button on the side of the S8 which instantly summons the virtual assistant.

Sadly, when the device went on sale, Bixby was nowhere to be seen with the Korean tech giant confirming UK users won’t get access until much later this year.

Now Samsung Galaxy S8 users can finally get hold of this feature before its official launch with Samsung announcing a early preview of their personal assistant.

The Korean tech firm says that, for now, only a limited number of people will receive this early access.

But, if you fancy giving it a try you can register your interest here.

This early access will let users send a text, change their settings and make a phone calls with their voice.

Things will get more impressive when the full update comes later this year.

Samsung says that, in the future, Bixby will be able help users get more out of their phone.

With the new Bixby button, users will be able to conveniently access Bixby and navigate through services and apps with simple voice, touch, vision and text commands.

Bixby’s Voice function will integrate with several Samsung native apps and features including Camera, Contacts, Gallery, Messages and Settings, with the plan to expand its capabilities to include more Samsung and third-party apps in the near future.

Contextual awareness capabilities enable Bixby to offer personalised help based on what it continues to learn about…

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