Rugged laptops and its applications

Usually general folk is not familiarized with word “rugged laptops”, so to identify it to all it is necessary to know what it is and how it is useful to present era. People generally have doubts and several FAQs about, how could army officers use laptops and other technologies when they are out there in war ground, fighting. Here’s a solution to those people. They are not regular laptops they use but are rugged laptops, PCs and notebooks, a technology significantly designed to reliably operate in harsh usage conditions such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and wet or dusty environments.

Rugged laptops incorporate features such as fully sealed keyboards to protect against intrusion by dust or liquids, and scratch-resistant screens that are readable in direct sunlight, basically providing myriads of advantages for military and other purposes.

Rugged laptops find its applications in variety of fields namely military and aerospace applications, navigation purposes, law enforcement, firefighter, machinery, utilities, surveying, natural resources, agriculture, forestry, construction and many more.

1) Construction
 Technology thriving at construction sites must be rough and tough and friendly to use in those conditions. With databases containing information on underground power lines, fault lines and fleet vehicles, having a rugged laptop to keep track of all the information on site saves hours of time for the foreman. Dust, water and shock are no longer the construction-site killers of laptop computers.

2) Forestry

While driving along the mountain roads, passing gigantic logging trucks is a common occurrence. It is widely known that disasters like falling of trees are waiting to happen in the place like forests. While trying to keep track of all of the commercially important trees and plants and the information on them, these durable laptops can bear the beating that the forest may happen to dish out. Even if it is hit by a tree there will be no problem…

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