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Re: “Orange County supervisors reject new, cost-saving voting system” [News, June 13]: League of Women Voters of Orange County is very disappointed that the O.C. Board of Supervisors voted to reject OC Registrar Neal Kelley’s proposal to change to vote centers for 2018 elections. The justification for refusing to accept this cost-saving measure, that will help to make voting more convenient for all, appears to be a completely unsubstantiated and unwarranted fear of voter fraud. Elections officials around the country all agree that voter fraud is so rare as to be a non-issue.

In fact, according to Mr. Kelley, the vote center system will be even more secure as well as much more convenient for voters in Orange County. He created the system for Orange County after reviewing the experiences with vote centers in other states, thus taking advantage of lessons learned by early adopters. As a test, six vote centers were opened in Orange County for the November 2016 election. Those who took advantage of the vote centers were very pleased with the experience.

League of Women Voters supported Senate Bill 450, the Voter’s Choice Act, that makes vote centers possible in Orange and 13 other California counties in 2018. The new system will save the county millions while providing a more convenient and secure voting experience, and we hope it will encourage more eligible citizens to vote.

All voters will receive a mail ballot that can be mailed or dropped into a secure drop-off box, located throughout the county. Starting the second weekend prior to election day and continuing through election day, conveniently located vote centers will be open long hours and staffed with trained employees. Bilingual assistance and disability accessibility will be available. Electronic poll books will eliminate tedious, longer provisional ballots. The system will also provide workers with information to verify voter identity, including whether a person has already voted elsewhere in the…

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