Plans moving forward on archery park at county lake

By LEA RIZZO, Daily Mountain Eagle

A planned archery park at the Walker County Lake is coming closer to being a reality, according to the Walker County Health Action Partnership (HAP).

The Livable Communities Priority Group, one of HAP’s three priority groups, held a meeting Thursday to discuss work on the archery park.

Jenny Short, the priority group’s chair, said the group has received the final memorandum of understanding from the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

“This is a real opportunity for us to bring an activity to our hunting and fishing community,” said Short.

Elyse Peters of the Walker County HAP said they hope to be able to have the archery park completed ahead of bow hunting season, which begins in October.

“We’ll probably start building in July and August and maybe into September,” Peters said. “My goal is to have the ribbon cutting on Monday, Oct. 2.”

Short reported that Stuart Goldsby, hunter education coordinator for the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, had previously told her that archery parks such as this are not complicated to build. Goldsby was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting.

“In my mind, I thought this was going to be some massive construction event,” she explained. “This is a fairly low cost, low intensity, low human capital cost, high impact amenity. And that gets us really excited.”

Andrew Baril, a regional extension agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, said the plan is to locate the archery park on the far side of the small pond at Walker County Lake.

He explained that the land in that location is already mostly clear of trees.

“It was kind of a bug patch so it was already really clear but it still has a wooded, natural feel,” Short added. “So it’s the best of both worlds with not having to take down trees, but yet it’s very wooded and natural. It’s perfect.”

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