Photo Canvas Prints by Andrew bourke

Have you ever wondered what your favourite photo on canvas would look like? Once my friend got there photo of their holidays printed on canvas and it something that is very unique I would say. He found a great website online and sent them his images and they transformed his photos on to lovely canvas prints, I’m now a really big fan and I’m looking to get my own.

First of all I will be looking at allot of websites as with this current climate you need to look for the bargains and I bet there is allot of great canvas printing businesses out there that not only can print your photos on canvas for a great prince but I’m obviously looking for the best quality to which hopefully is going to be the case because sometimes it’s worth paying a little bit more for the quality in a product, especially if it’s something like a canvas print and you want to have the best materials and the best printers working on your order.

I just love the texture of them, you would think that to print with ink onto a pollycotton texture you would get some imperfections but that isn’t the case, if you run your hand of the canvas print you will see that you even get the bumpy effect that you get from a real canvas painting, this helps if you are looking to have your artwork printed on canvas also.

I was told that if you’re looking to have canvas printing of your own photo then the best photo to have is of course a photo of your loved ones but I suppose that is the beauty of canvas prints is that you could have any image or photo printed and it would look amazing. I know this because my friends’ canvas print is a replicated image of his own photo and to have a printer that does this magic is just brilliant. The other thing I love so much about the canvas and inks that is used for canvas printing is how vibrant the colour are, it really is something else when you see that the canvas prints colours looks even better than your own image that is something special.

So yes the main reasons…

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