Penryn bodybuilder Zoey Wright tells her incredible story from near-death to bodybuilding champ – Cornwall Live

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The story of a young woman from Cornwall who nearly died from a debilitating bowel condition and then become a champion bodybuilder is being told in a new film short.

Zoey Wright, 23 from Penryn, does not let the fact she wears an colostomy bag stop her getting in the way of her ambitions and she and partner Conor Hyde talk about her journey from hospital bed to the competition stage.

She said it was “extremely hard” shooting some of the footage, but wanted to show people ostomy bags are not something to be ashamed of and wanted to educate people about the condition.

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Zoey Wright. Photo by Luz Photography

“Before releasing the video I definitely felt a whole world of emotions. It was extremely hard shooting some of the…

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