One Step To Cure Your Diabetes

The number of those actually suffering from diabetes, and not yet identified or declared as  such, is so overwhelming that the American Diabetes Association (A.D.A.) has gone into an overdrive. It has invited all citizens around the age of 45 to voluntarily come forth for a simple blood test and follow it up every three years. The wisdom of this decision possibly lies in the belief that these persons are likely to progress to  the same diseases that are common to  diabetes. And besides the extent of human suffering, the cost to the Government runs into billions of dollars.

So, during a routine medical examination, if your doctor diagnoses you as a “borderline case of diabetes,” take heart, and don’t allow yourself to lapse  into a state of  helplessness.
Yet, it would be fair to accept that in today’s date and age, few of us realize how vulnerable and delicate our lives are until we find a real health crisis staring at us straight in the face. At the same time if you spare a thought for those who trudge along without care or concern, and without the least idea of what medical catastrophe might  be in store for them, you may  do well by counting your blessings.

Now you may be left wondering what hateful things you did to get here  and what you should  do next? Call it unfair but  In cases of a well-regulated  lifestyle, diabetes  can only  be attributed to your genes. It was  something  waiting to happen and you have no one else to blame. Alternately, if you have been living a life of over-indulgence, hear the warning bells and  alter your lifestyle without delay. According to most medical specialists  this is the stepping stone to diabetes.

Prosperity brings money and the markets are abundant with rich foods and inviting beverages. These may not do you any good but are hard to resist.  It seems strange  that those who cry foul over an extra pinch of salt in their diet, never protest over the generous content of sugar in their pudding. Worldwide,…

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