Novice plays Hulk in Oculus game

After 15 minutes of much-needed rest, I was ready to try the beta version of Marvel Powers United VR, which is not set for release for many months.

By this time, I had figured out the Touch hand controllers — a key technology improvement that helps players take better advantage of what’s known as a “mixed reality” environment.

Such an environment allows players to not only use their hands in the game but also to see them, as well as having multiple points of view from within the game, said Jason Rubin, vice president of content of Oculus, during the presentation by him and Mitchell prior to the demo.

“Games have had just one camera,” Rubin said.

“Now, we’ve put the camera in the game,” he added, which was no small engineering feat. “Mixed reality took a lot of work.”

It also produces a lot of fun.

Thanks to some more expert instruction, my virtual Incredible Hulk character learned to bring his huge fists together to generate energy. That energy glowed in front of me — the Hulk — as I stood in a gigantic room the size of a warehouse.

Enemy characters moved around me at the edge of the room, or ran along a catwalk above it.

By swinging my arms down violently, I was able to unleash that energy, which rippled across the floor of the room like an earthquake tearing up asphalt.

Soon I was able to target these energy blasts, known as “Thunderclaps,” at my virtual foes with deadly accuracy.

At other times I hurled their…

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