New SUV’s steer assist system proves that true beauty comes from within


The Scandi interior design is second to none with a 9in touchscreen, voice control and a sharp HD reverse camera

I WONDER if children these days grow up dreaming of owning a Volvo.

I sure didn’t.

The new XC60 is the first motor from Volvo to come with a steer assist system

In an unrealistic projection of how our life on four wheels would pan out, we wanted Audi S2s and BMW M3s to bridge the gap until we could afford a Lambo Diablo or Aston DB7.

We expected this would be done by the time we reached the ancient age of 30.

Pie in the sky as it was, Volvos ranked low in our aspirations.

Back then though, they were hearse impersonators like the 850 and 960.

Even the 850’s success in the British Touring Car Championship wasn’t enough to win it wall space among the 911s and Lancia Deltas.

Today, Volvo makes some of the best cars on the planet.

It may not win a beauty pageant but you can always rely on a Volvo to be a safe pair of hands

And whether or not that’s ­filtering down to the playground doesn’t really matter, so long as big boys and girls are noticing.

When I had the XC90 for a week to review last year, it was the blisteringly quick T8 version, which costs a silly £60K.

Any SUV that does 0-62 in just over five seconds is going to leave a smile.

But it’s not ­realistic, an effective ploy by Volvo to bag a glowing write-up.

But this week I’ve had the XC60, which was delivered in workaday, 2-litre diesel form.

It’s also smaller than the Range Rover Sport-rivalling XC90, and the midsize SUV market is the biggest-selling in the segment.

As a car which starts at £37k for the 190bhp diesel, the XC60 is a realistic proposition.



Price: £43,205

Engine: 2-litre diesel turbo

Economy: 51.4mph

0-62mph: 7.2 seconds

Top speed: 137mph


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