Mike Kerr: This Is the Gear That’s Responsible for the Sound of Royal Blood

Royal Blood bassist and vocalist Mike Kerr talked gear with UG interviewer Justin Beckner, saying about his current setup:

“My guitar setup at the moment, I’m using these custom Fender Jaguar basses which are short scale.

“I picked up one of the Squire versions and I loved the way it looked and the way it felt but I wanted one with a humbucker in.

“So I got in touch with the Fender guys and they were kind enough to build me these custom basses. They’re amazing – I’m loving playing them. Now I’m just using them and the Fender Starcasters.

“Those are the only basses I’m using. I just wanted to keep it really simple and concise. To be honest, the entire new record was made with these Jaguar Basses.

“My amp setup is just those three Fender Super Sonics and a Fender 8×10 cabinet and that’s it. Unfortunately, everything between that is fairly confidential because I’m a very secretive man.”

What about the pedals? Has anything changed since the previous album?

“A little bit. There’s a few extra pedals that I discovered while making that album that are now featured on the board. But the general thing of it rather simple.

“In all honesty, what I will say is that I don’t really use a lot of pedals. I use mostly amp distortion and octave pedals.

“There’s actually a new pedal that Cog Effects has made for me – a custom fuzz pedal – that’s become a massive part of the sound.”

Did your rig change along with evolution of your sound?

“Not really. I did add an extra Super-Sonic, so now I have three. That’s about it, really. On a lot of these new songs have a completely different sound to them when compared to the first record which was the meat and potatoes of the Royal Blood sound.”

Did you feel any sophomore pressure on the new album after the commercial success of the first one?

“I don’t think so. The only form of pressure we experienced was after we had written ‘Lights Out’ – we felt like we had really raised the bar and written a song that pushed the boundaries of Royal Blood in a way we…

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