Microsoft’s victory in email-seizure case stands, hailed as win for privacy

Microsoft’s challenge to a U.S. warrant seeking a customer’s email stored abroad is one of the key battles in the debate about privacy and the government’s reach in the age of cloud computing.

A federal appeals court has declined to review Microsoft’s refusal to comply with a U.S. search warrant seeking a customer’s emails stored abroad, letting stand a ruling hailed by civil-liberties groups and technology industry boosters as a victory for privacy.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 4-4 vote announced on Tuesday, declined take up the Justice Department’s appeal of Microsoft’s July victory before a three-judge panel in the same court.

The case is among the highest profile of technology-industry challenges to the reach of law enforcement in cyberspace. It began in 2013, when prosecutors in New York served Microsoft…

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