Megyn Kelly confronts Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, warns he ‘isn’t going away’

NBC News’ Megyn Kelly defended her decision interview with online radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Sunday night, telling her audience that the “Infowars” host “isn’t going away.”

Kelly opened the third episode of her newsmagazine series by promising to confront Jones about his “notorious lie” that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre that killed 26 people in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax.

“Some thought we shouldn’t broadcast this interview because his baseless allegations aren’t just offensive, they’re dangerous,” Kelly said in introducing the 20-minute long segment. “But here’s the thing: Alex Jones isn’t going away.” She noted that President Donald Trump has praised Jones and appeared on his radio program.

Kelly’s voiceover described Jones’ claims that the killings in Newtown were hoaxes as “outrageous.” When she confronted Jones, the host initially said his statements were an attempt to play devil’s advocate.

“Was that devil’s advocate? The whole thing is a giant hoax? The whole thing was fake?” Kelly asked.

“Yes,” said Jones, who added he had watched footage of children evacuating the school on that day and “it looks like a drill.”

When Kelly tried to explain the anger that his stance caused, Jones cut her off.

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