Massive Announces AI-Controlled Horse & Rider Agent

July 31, 2017 (PRWEB) July 31, 2017 — At SIGGRAPH 2017, Academy Award-winning crowd simulation creators, Massive Software, will introduce its new “Horse & Rider Agent,” offering several new possibilities for crowd simulations. Capable of approximately 100 individual movements and actions, the Horse & Rider Agent gives artists the ability to create the best film-quality equine locomotion ever seen in a commercial product. Now, creating a film-ready, fully rendered shot, a process that used to take large teams months, can be done by a single artist in a day.

“There have been a lot of films and movies featuring dozens of horses at full gallop, but filming the real animals is difficult and dangerous, and animating them is cost prohibitive for many studios,” said Massive CEO and founder, Stephen Regelous. “Using a single Horse Agent, an artist can get the film-quality results at a fraction of the cost and control the action in a way filming real horses could never hope to achieve.”

The Horse & Rider Agent joins Massive’s AI-controlled “Ready to Run Agents” series, offering artists the ability to create complex crowd simulations using pre-assembled “agents,” which operate using fuzzy logic to automate character responses. Artists working in Massive can choose the type of agent they want to rent or purchase – human, machine or animal – then set the agent’s motion and behaviors to determine movement, progression and variation. After establishing and customizing their characteristics to match the desired look of an agent, the artist assigns a route and a starting point to each agent within the simulation. From there, the agents take care of the rest.

All agents, including the new Horse & Rider Agent, are pre-built with a skeleton,…

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