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The former leader of the Front National Marine Le Pen is due to stand as a candidate in Calais in the June elections. 

Emmanuel Macron stormed to power in France’s presidential elections earlier this month with 66 per cent of the overall vote with large swathes of the country voting for the centralist candidate.

Ms Le Pen got strong backing in both the north and south of France where concerns over immigration are high, winning the departments of Pas-de-Calais, in northern France and Aisne.

Seizing the opportunity to return to the political front line, Ms Le Pen confirmed she will stand for parliament. 

Ms Le Pen said: “Yes, I will be a candidate… this battle of the legislative elections is fundamental.”

She added she had a “strong emotional relationship with the inhabitants of the Pas-de-Calais mining area”.

In the past, Ms Le Pen has pledged to take legal action against France over the so-called refugee camp that arose at the northern port of Calais.

The camp became a major centre for refugees with many attempting to cross the Channel to Britain. 

Many Calais residents had openly expressed animosity to the camp. Those views, coupled with problems of high levels of unemployment and poverty created fertile ground for Ms Le Pen’s sentiments to prosper.

Ms Le Pen was previously been a regional councillor in Nord-Pas-de-Calais for six years from 1998.

Earlier this week she told TF1 evening news: “”It’s fundamental (that I run) after everything that we are seeing and all this collusion between the Socialists and the (conservative) Republicans.

“We need lawmakers that are not complicit and defend the interests of the French and France. So the best assurance is to have National Front (FN) lawmakers.”

The Front National bills itself as France’s main opposition party, a label contested by The Republicans.

The Front National has only two outgoing lawmakers in the lower house of parliament, but polls show the party securing about 20 per cent of the vote in the first round of…

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