LPS Industries Launches a Hazmat Technical Resources Web Page

“LPS Industries recently launched it’s new Hazmat Resources web page, providing customers with the information they need for the shipping and handling of hazardous materials.”

It contains useful links to website pages at government agencies, industry groups and commercial entities. Answers to many of the questions non-bulk hazmat shippers typically have about their obligations can also be found here.

The design is simple and straightforward. There are three primary topic sections configured for easy access to commonly referenced government and commercial websites which contain non-bulk hazmat packaging and shipping guidelines. No sign-in, contact information or customer identification detail is required; LPS Industries has taken the approach of “When you find it, you are welcome to use it.”

“We recognized an information gap existed and developed an easy-to-use resource that helps non-bulk hazmat shippers stay up to date and in contact with go-to regulatory and industry resources,” according to Charles Ardman, VP Marketing. “Visitors will find the new page easy to navigate, and designed to get them to the original source of information they’re seeking with just one click.”

The resources are assembled in three primary categories:

1. Commonly Referenced Sections of 49 CFR, which includes information about the DOT Live Support hotline, PHMSA home page and the IATA home page.

2. Regulatory Agency Guidelines by Shipping Mode including international maritime code and federal rail, air and over-the-road guidelines.

3. Additional Resources including UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping guidelines, as well as UNECE and the main index of 49 CFR

This page can be viewed by browsing to the LPSind.com website, and navigating to “Hazmat…

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