Lost In Space and loving it (a little less doing, goes a long way)


For the last two weeks, I have had more space in my schedule and it has been wonderful. More space means that I have time to think. Time to do whatever needs to be done in that moment.  Time to see friends that I have been meaning to see for too long. 

And where did I find this time you might ask?  The time came from absolute necessity.  Two months ago, when I was helping my three children get settled into their school schedules, traveling with the family to my brother’s wedding, co-chairing the school rummage sale and getting over a whopper of a cold, I looked at my calendar and thought to myself “something has got to give, or I give up!”

I intentionally started to say no to commitments.  I turned down opportunities to “pencil” in lunches, dinners and obligations.  I did not volunteer for the Halloween Carnival or the Holiday Boutique even though I love both events.  I knew that I had to give myself space in my schedule or risk the possibility that I might just blast off into my own orbit, fueled by exhaustion and anxiety.

Six weeks later,  I am reaping the benefits and boy, am I enjoying the time! But there is more than just time to celebrate.  Just when I thought the cost of allowing myself more time, was less efficiency, I am finding that some of the larger projects in life are finally getting done! 

What I have found hidden within the luxury of time, is creativity.  I am able to think of creative solutions to challenges that I have been tucking into my “maybe later” mental filing cabinet for months now. Projects that I have been mulling over for a long time, are suddenly getting done because I have the space to come up with creative solutions.  What a bonus!

Last weekend was Thanksgiving and aside from dinner with our family and one plan on Saturday, we had space all weekend.  Mental space, physical space and creative space. On Friday morning I woke up with a simple solution to a problem I had been struggling with for months;…

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