Like a kid in a candy store: Homeschooling convention thrills this proactive mom

As editor of The College Fix, I often get emails from concerned parents asking what colleges they can send their kids to that won’t indoctrinate them into Democrat-voting social justice warriors.

And while there are several colleges I like to recommend, the No. 1 advice I always tell concerned parents is to make sure they don’t allow government schools to be their children’s only teachers.

Arm your children with the other side of the argument, the facts about American Exceptionalism, the data underpinning why conservatism is compassionate, the information debunking evolution, the apologetics upholding their faith.

It’s what I do with my children frequently, and I know that when they go out into the world on their own they will be armed with the truth — whether they go to the best conservative college in the nation, or the most liberal.

To that end, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help me shape, mold and educate my children, from Prager University videos to Dinesh D’Souza documentaries to Hillsdale College online course.

And folks — I found the jackpot! On Friday I attended my first-ever homeschooling convention and I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store.

Called “Great Homeschool Conventions,” it’s held in several places across the nation every year. The three-day event held in my neck of the woods last week offered a cornucopia of educational tools, plus more than 100 lectures to sit in on given by impressive scholars, inspirational speakers and authors.

I was practically gleeful as I went from lecture to lecture: “How Studying Science Reveals God’s Character and Our Purpose”; “The Case for Truth — Cold Case Christianity”; “Miracles in American History: Amazing Answered Prayer in Past Crises”; and much more.

The convention hall was another delight for this proactive mom. Row upon row upon row of books, videos, lesson plans and curricula from which to peruse. There were more than 100 vendors there…

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