Lessons Learned from Platform (Mezzanine) Installations

When it comes to reaping the benefits of a new work platform (mezzanine), Western Pacific Storage Solutions (wpss.com) knows the key to keeping Murphy’s Law at bay – good planning and anticipation. But, for many platform (mezzanine) projects, lessons have been learned the hard way. From design integration and contingency time to Life Safety and OSHAC considerations, having a comprehensive plan will alleviate costly mistakes–so goes the introduction to a new seminar unveiled this month for the Material Handling market.

The Western Pacific Storage Solutions team is offering product training and industry insight in the form of convenient 15-minute learning experiences given via video conference. The current course will cover items like the following:

When a large material handling system is planned for and then implemented as part of a new construction effort, everyone involved can thank their lucky stars. This can be labeled a “best case” scenario, with ample time for planning and installation. More often than not, a client needs to integrate a new material handling system within an existing structure already in full operation.

Two common mistakes that can lead to “worst-case” scenarios when installing an add-on platform (mezzanine) are:

1. Putting the cart before the horse: Insufficient planning regarding how construction can impact daily operations can be costly.

2. Underestimating existing building constraints: Having the right team to help you plan work-arounds is critical.

Anyone in warehousing, distribution center planning or manufacturing is invited to call Western Pacific Storage Solutions, ask for Val at 800-732-9777 to schedule these no-charge seminars provided via video conference. To summarize, insufficient planning and an unseasoned platform (mezzanine) installation crew can cause…

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