Less is Truly More with The Rampow USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

Almost every device has a new type of USB port these days. From the newest Apple MacBook, to the Nintendo Switch, and even countless smartphones like the Nexus 5X, HTC 10, and Lumia 950 – you’ll find the USB-C port everywhere.

According to the techies at The Verge, the newest generation of USB ports “is likely to become one of the most ubiquitous advances in the recent history of computing and consumer electronics. It’s the compact, reversible port that does everything.” So how do we all cope with these new devices and the port we’ve never used before? Now we don’t have to worry about buying all new cords, because Rampow has designed the perfect accessory to turn your Micro USB cable into the USB-C cord you need to get the job done.

The only USB-C adapter you need

The Rampow adapter helps us get connected to our devices without spending an arm and a leg on new cords and wires. By simply connecting the Micro USB port end of the adapter to our existing chargers or connection cables, we are able to keep using the cords we always have.

The Rampow adapter uses USB 2.0 speeds to allow normal Micro USB charging and data sync capabilities. This includes Qualcomm Quick Charge and other charging protocols. What’s even better, and overall much more convenient, is that there is no need to download any software or use any extra hardware to utilize the USB-C adapter. 


The small device is also pretty stylish, which isn’t really expected, but is definitely appreciated from an adapter. Rampow says, “The frosted aluminium case feels great and makes Rampow USB-C adapter robust and stylish – perfectly capable of meeting your needs. Gold plated pins ensure supreme functionality under heavy usage. Designed to withstand stress, bends and twists for a longer lifespan.”

So to add to the amazing capabilities of the Rampow adapter, it also offers such a long life, and you can use it on your devices for years to come. Plus, each order comes with…

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