Legal Guide to Help You Filing a Wrongful Death Case

The death of a loved one is a most tragic terrible event, especially due to the wrongdoing of another person. However the loss is impossible to reverse, but filing a wrongful death claim can be the way to realize the responsible person about what have you lost because of him or her. Damages in wrongful death cases are mostly based on the financial and companion loss, New York State law describes the types of settlement that are available to both the estate and the beneficiaries of the sufferer.  

But people may be surprised to know that to file a claim you can’t make your grief as a base it means New York wrongful death law does not permit recovery for the grief. There are only two elements to grant damages by the law:

  • Financial damages faced by the dependants of the deceased person, Medical and funeral expenses incurred by the estate   
  • Damages for the pain and…

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