Laguna Woods approves permit for higher fence around Village’s perimeter – Orange County Register

The City Council on Wednesday, May 17 approved a permit to allow Laguna Woods Village to exceed the city’s municipal code of maximum fence and wall height provisions.

The conditional use permit, applied for by the Golden Rain Foundation, Third Mutual and United Mutual, asked to allow the extension of the Village’s perimeter fencing to 7-feet, an additional foot higher than the city’s municipal code allows.

“We’re not asking for this just to beautify anything; this came about because of a major security issue where people were coming over the wall and we had thefts,” Third Mutual Director Bert Moldow said.

The application states the existing barbed wire fencing will be replaced with shepherd’s hook over a 24-year period.

For the permit to remain effective indefinitely, the Village must modify at least 900 lineal feet of fencing and walls each year. Village Community Manager Lori Moss said it will take approximately $45,000 to add the fencing each year.

Budget plans

In the second session of discussions regarding the city’s budget for the next two fiscal years, the council included several projects and programs into the budget plans.

One expenditure in the draft budget is to provide pension benefits for retirees of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, which the city contracts with. CalPERS costs for the city are anticipated to increase, due to a discount rate reduction from 7.5 percent to 7 percent.

“I think it’s really important that planning for the future of employees and planning for their retirement is something that a responsible employer, and especially a responsible government agency, should do,” Councilwoman Cynthia Conners said.

“We all know what happens when people retire and don’t have enough money to live on. Having a well-funded retirement plan is essential.”

The city will make lump-sum payments totaling $483,218, which will fully fund the current projections of CalPERS. Paying for this now will save the…

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