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Linda Mintener has been practicing law and playing the flute for many years — and soon will be honored for finding a way to combine those talents.

Mintener will be presented with the National Flute Association’s 2017 Distinguished Service Award at its 45th annual convention this month for her 14 years of doing pro bono work for the group. Her husband, Bob Jones, and many of her seven grandchildren and four children and stepchildren will be there to cheer her on.

“It’s the kind of award that usually is given to high-level professional flute players,” Mintener said of the honor given by the world’s largest flute organization, with more than 4,000 members from 50 countries. The gala event will include a concert featuring masters of the flute, the guest of honor herself among them. Mintener is helping to coordinate it.

Which is another of Mintener’s talents. For the past 11 years, she has put together the annual Chinese Orphans Project concert in Madison, featuring top-flight flute players and other musicians at First Baptist Church to raise money so impoverished children can attend school. The next concert is April 22.

An Iowa native, Mintener earned bachelor’s degrees at Indiana University in music and liberal arts, then spent two years in Guinea, West Africa, in the Peace Corps. After moving to Madison, she attended UW Law School while raising two children and teaching flute.

For 28 years, Mintener worked as litigator of large claim sales tax cases for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. She’s a member of the Madison Flute Choir and its elite Chamber Ensemble.

Mintener, who is in her 70s, talked about her passions at her Near West Side home, in the same room where she still teaches flute. On the walls and shelves are samples of folk art that she’s gathered in her travels…

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