Keep your tired, poor, huddled masses away – Donald Trump's message, shamefully endorsed by Theresa May

They might as well take the Statue of Liberty down and give it back to the French. Except that the French have problems of their own in living up to their responsibility to the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” – a responsibility in which we British share. 

Donald Trump signed an order last night suspending refugee admissions to the United States and temporarily banning all arrivals from seven Muslim-majority countries, with a few exemptions for diplomats. 

We should be clear that this is not, technically, the ban on Muslims which Mr Trump spoke about during his election campaign. The order does not explicitly ban people on grounds of their religion. But it is as close to such a thing as is possible under American law. The indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, in particular, seems hard to reconcile with the US’s obligations under international treaties. 

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