Josh Dobbs calls first NFL start a ‘great learning experience’

Everyone watching Friday night’s game could easily lipread what Mike Tomlin asked Josh Dobbs on the sideline after the young quarterback threw his second interception against the Giants. 

“What happened?”

While viewers weren’t able to lipread the rest of the conversation, everyone could see that Dobbs was a different quarterback for the remainder of the game. After starting 1-for-5 with two picks, Dobbs completed 7 of his final 10 passes for 96 yards and a touchdown while having another touchdown pass called back. The rookie lead the Steelers on three scoring drives in Pittsburgh’s 20-12 victory. 

“Football is a game of adversity. A couple learning opportunities occurred pretty quick in the game,” Dobbs said after the game. “We were able to learn from them and respond well, continued to compete and come back and make some plays as the game progressed on.”

Dobbs explained what led to his second interception. 

“There were in man coverage. They brought both the internal backers, so I thought we were gonna have a good rub and get the ball to Eli (Rogers). I had try to get it out of my hands quick. He came (Giants’ defensive end Devin Taylor), two step rush and ended up dropping and being the middle hole player. They got us on a good look … but it will be also a good look to be able to improve for the next time.”

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After leading the Steelers to a field goal on the next drive, Dobbs fired a 28-yard touchdown pass to Cobi Hamilton — who caught a 44-yard pass from Dobbs on the previous possession — to give Pittsburgh a 10-9 halftime lead. The score was set up by Mike Hilton‘s fumble recovery on special teams. 

“After that turnover, we get a little momentum. There’s 40 seconds left in the half, so that was our opportunity to take a shot at the end zone,” Dobbs said. “We were able to get an opportune look, and then were able to execute and make a play. Cobi made a…

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