Jennifer Lawrence Posing in Front of Statue of Liberty for Vogue Triggers Breitbart Editor

The Statue of Liberty continues to inspire controversy, the latest being its appearance on the September cover of fashion magazine Vogue, serving as a background to Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence.

Breitbart Economics and Finance editor John Carney complained in a tweet about the cover and proposed a new fashion section for the Breitbart’s news website. “We’re going to have to create a full #MAGA shadow cultural industry because the Opposition Media can’t even do fashion without attacking us” he wrote on Thursday, adding, “Seriously, I think we could do really well with @BreitbartNews Fashion. Lots of women who would like their fashion without leftism.”

Vogue director of communication Zara Rahim replied to Carney to say the cover was shot in June, but he refused to back down, continuing to tweet in support of his argument, displaying recent covers from the New Yorker, the New York Daily News , and even the German magazine Der Spiegel all using the statue to comment on President Donald Trump’s policies on immigration (Newsweek too featured the Statue of Liberty on a cover in March dressed up as an immigration officer, it should be noted).

“Damn. You guys are right. The Weaponization of the Statue of Liberty against immigration reform is a figment of my imagination,” he wrote. He then retweeted the book cover of his Breitbart colleague Raheem Kassam, London bureau’s editor in chief, which features the Statue of Liberty covered in a burqa—this time with no comment over the representation of the iconic monument that has come to symbolize American values.

It isn’t the first time this week that the Statue of Liberty has been at the center of debate. Conservative commentators who took issues with California Congressman Lou Correa’s decision to hang a painting in his office of Lady Liberty wearing a hijab, an artwork created by a Californian high school student for…

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