Jaron Godwin shares his story about living with sickle cell anemia

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) Jaron Godwin was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at the age of two.

He tells us the blood disorder causes red blood cells to deform and makes blood clot up, causing unbearable pain.

“It’s a really bad feeling, tears come down my eyes. There’s nothing I can do, sometimes I have to crawl to get to where I need to get to … people have to pick me up,” said Jaron.

Growing up, Jaron had limitations because of the disease.

His love for football, track and baseball all gone.

His wife Autumn Godwin tells us that the couple has known each other for about ten years now, and she can still remember the nights driving Jaron to the Emergency Room.

“I would go sit in the lobby and cry because just watching him hysterical like that, just hurt my heart,” said Autumn.

Jaron was taking medication to help with the pain, until his doctor recommended getting blood transfusions back in October.

He hasn’t been back to the hospital since.

“I’m actually doing humanly things … instead of being so sickly and hurting all the time and achy,” said Jaron.

Things like taking care of his horses, jamming on drums and playing with his daughter.

“To see him have his quality of life and be able to enjoy life … it’s very rewarding,” said Autumn.

And Jaron had a few words to share to those who have donated.

“I wanted to say thank you…thank you and I have blessed to have them,” said Jaron.

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