Is your shampoo safe? Avoid these harmful ingredients

Of all the things you have to worry about, you may not even think about the dangers lurking in your——shampoo? It may have many harmful ingredients that you need to avoid. In theory, you should have more concern over what you put in your body. Still, topical beauty products can prove unsafe, and an extensive report made public by the FDA proves the problem.

Reported Health Care Problems

Recently, the FDA released information on adverse reports related to food and beauty products. This data came from the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and is extensive since it goes back to 2004. It provides a good basis to further research on the health effects of beauty supplies.


According to Steve Xu, a physician in dermatology at McGaw Medical Center, hair and skincare products topped the list of adverse events in this report.

Unfortunately, products meant for babies and personal cleanliness had the most events of serious injury, including hospitalization and death. This finding shows that beauty products need guidelines to protect consumer safety.

At the same time, reports of adverse situations have actually doubled in the last year. This influx has largely resulted from hair loss and skin irritation complaints about WEN products. WEN manufacturers had…

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