Introducing Podia® – The Unbreakable Tabletop Menu Holder

Podia Tabletop Display

“We love the Podia tabletop displays. Sleek and elegant way to communicate to our customers and much sturdier than old table tent solutions of the past!” -Ken Tsang

Next time you visit a restaurant or brewpub, take notice of how they promote their daily specials. If they must verbally recite the mind-numbing list or they point to some chalk board 15’ away, they’re missing a super opportunity to make ordering specials simpler and quicker. The answer is Podia® Tabletop Display, the two-sided capsule that perfectly fits standard 8.5” x 11” paper, folded lengthwise.

Virtually unbreakable, the polycarbonate capsule is quickly becoming popular with restaurants and bars because they’re durable, instantly changeable and encourage customers to pick out their next beer, appetizer or dessert before the server needs to make the pitch. Simple and easy, right?! Servers and wait staff are often barraged with questions like, “What’s on tap” and “Any specials? What’s for dessert?

With Podia, the daily list can be printed in-house and displayed in the two-sided, capsule to detail the special. With a beer list, for example, the type of beer, cost, alcohol percent and whatever information would help to have bar patrons make quick, informed decisions.

“And, the “unbreakable part”? It’s true! Check out the Demo videos on and see for yourself”, says Roger Lepley, President

Podia® – The Unbreakable Tabletop Menu Holder – Perfect for Restaurants and Brewpubs!

Podia display capsule is a unique, convenient way to create and display tabletop menus and special wall signs, printed in-house on 8-1/2”x11” paper

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