Introducing an Online Community to Provide Support to People with Incontinence and Their Caregivers

The Simon Foundation for Continence’s has a new online community that will provide valuable support and information to people living with incontinence. It will do this by helping them to learn how to manage their incontinence and improve their quality of life through shared knowledge and support received within the online community. This site will also be of great value to those who have a friend or loved one with incontinence, or for those who are caregivers (at home or in a licensed facility).

The Simon Foundation for Continence seeks to bring the topic of incontinence out into the open, remove the stigma surrounding incontinence, and provide help and hope to people with incontinence, their families and the health professionals who provide their care. This online community is a natural extension of the Foundation’s mission.

The online community provides The Simon Foundation for Continence with an online space for people with incontinence to visit and access support and information from others with the same condition, along with expertise from the Foundation. It will drive better health outcomes for people living with incontinence.

By coming together online, people will also benefit from HealthUnlocked technology, which makes tailored health related recommendations, directs people to useful information, connects them with others like them, and highlights research activities, such as clinical trials, that may be of interest.

According to Elizabeth LaGro, VP of Communications and Education Services with The Simon Foundation for Continence: “The online support community will offer people a safe space to interact with others, potentially changing their lives for the better. This will be a place where you can come to talk anonymously about the health issues affecting you – whether you have urinary or bowel…

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