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“Inspirit has been ahead of the curve for years now when it comes to the hemp industry in the United States, and we strongly believe people across the nation will greatly appreciate the benefits of this cream,” said Ensminger.

Inspirit Hemp, a company known for its unique hemp-based pain-relieving cream popular among athletes and fitness buffs, announced its products are now available for purchase on, a popular website specializing in nutritional and wellness products.

Inspirit Hemp’s founders created the company to help people attain relief from some of the most common aches and pains associated with regular exercise while still avoiding the side effects found in other major brand-name drugs and creams available on the market. Hemp Crème, one of Inspirit’s premier products, was developed to be the most potent of its kind thanks to a liposome formula that maximizes absorption rates. Now the product is available on

“We are thrilled to announce that Inspirit Hemp Creme is now available on,” said Rod Ensminger of Inspirit Hemp. “This brand new sales partnership will allow our company to reach out to more people than ever to help them find relief from common skin conditions and pain problems. We are eager to continue expanding our reach throughout the United States so that more people have access to this high-quality, all-natural product.”

Inspirit’s Hemp Crème features 100 percent pure organic hemp oil, which is non-psychoactive and made without any gluten or GMO ingredients. The natural ingredients found in the cream help provide the muscles, tendons and joints with some soothing pain relief. Anyone, regardless of age or activity level, can therefore benefit from the cream, which…

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