Immigration Amnesty Law – Green Card

The very last time there was a law that several regarded as amnesty was initially in 2000. On December 21, 2000, President Clinton signed The Legal Immigration and Household Equity Act of 2000 (Existence Act) into law. This law, typically known as the Lifestyle Act or 245(i), permitted specific persons who had an immigrant visa immediately accessible but entered without having inspection (without having documents) or otherwise violated their status and thus are ineligible to apply for adjustment of status within the United States, to apply if they pay a $1,000 penalty.

“If a whole new amnesty law is passed that’s the same because the outdated law, what will be the criteria?”

To be eligible under the previous amnesty law, you have to happen to be:

1. The named beneficiary of the Form I-130 immigrant visa petition (“Petition for Alien Relative”), or Form I-140 immigrant visa petition…

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