Kathy Griffin says she’s been “completely exonerated” in the Secret Service investigation of whether she posed a threat by posing for a photo holding a fake, blood-dripping decapitated head of President Trump. 

In a tweet she posted Friday afternoon, Griffin said she is no longer under “federal investigation.”

“The case is closed, I have been completely exonerated. Finally,” she said. 

The Secret Service, which routinely checks out possible threats against presidents, rarely comments on its investigations; it did not immediately confirm Griffin’s tweet. Nor did a publicist for Griffin or her lawyer, Lisa Bloom. 

In her tweet, besides declaring she had been cleared, Griffin seemed just as focused on pressing the Associated Press to “clarify” Friday’s edition of its weekly feature — “fake news” that didn’t happen — in which the wire service repeated false reports circulating on the internet that Griffin had been arrested and faced jail time.

All of this stems from a clumsy “art” project gone horribly wrong. At the end of May, Griffin was overwhelmed by a bipartisan firestorm of criticism and retribution after a video of a photo shoot with edgy photographer Tyler Shields was posted on YouTube showing Griffin posing with a mock severed head that looked like Trump.

It was meant to be a parody of Trump’s infamous “blood-coming-out-of-her-whatever” comments that he uttered about a female anchor after a presidential debate in August.

At first defensive, calling herself an “artist,” Griffin was soon apologizing abjectly online, conceding she…