I’m a Democrat but Nancy Pelosi is totally clueless about what Democrats need to do to win

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared Sunday on Fox News to defend herself and the Democratic Party’s new initiative – dubbed A Better Deal – aimed at rebuilding her party’s standing with the nation’s voters.

Pelosi’s pitch was straightforward: our economy is rigged against America’s workers and only Democrats can fix it.

One small problem: America has heard this before. On countless commercials. In numerous debates. For months on end.

As highlighted by even supportive media outlets, A Better Deal is largely a rehash of solutions offered by Hillary Clinton during her failed presidential campaign. That doesn’t mean A Better Deal is without merit, as Fox’s Chris Wallace noted. But clearly something was missing when Clinton made these same losing arguments.

The American people were looking for something more. Something different.

And that underlines why Pelosi’s performance was another train wreck for Democrats. D.C. Democrats still don’t understand – or won’t accept – why they keep losing. 

President Trump reached the White House with a simple promise: Make America Great Again. He saw a broken immigration system, gutted manufacturing base, and a set of toothless foreign policies that all originated from feckless and corrupt D.C. elites.

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